First-Ever MONAI Bootcamp — Recap

Day 1

We kicked off the first day by introducing MONAI Transforms, DataSets, and DataLoader. This lab gives you a quick look at some basic functionality in MONAI and sets you up for the next lab, which is an end-to-end training and evaluation notebook.

Day 2

Day two builds on what you learned the day before and goes into more complex examples using MONAI.

Day 3

The last day of the event was mainly for the 60 participants who were lucky enough to have full access to our GPU cluster. This limitation was put in place so that participants would all have access to the same type of hardware and ensure a level playing field.

Final Thoughts

Bootcamps are one of the best ways for us to engage with the community. Bringing together developers interested in learning is a great way to gather new ideas from those directly involved as Academic Researchers or Developers in the industry. With this event being such a huge success, we’re hoping to host more of them in the future! If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in a future event, please reach out to us.

How can you get started contributing to or using MONAI?

For those interested in joining the MONAI community, check out the main MONAI Github Repo or take a look at the MONAI website.



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MONAI Medical Open Network for AI

MONAI Medical Open Network for AI

MONAI framework is a PyTorch-based open-source foundation for deep learning in healthcare imaging. It is domain-optimized, freely available and community backed